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United Kingdom
Parcel arrived in a sealed box although it looked like it had been around the world. I was a little concerned after signing for it as it was a large parcel with a glass whiteboard, and the exterior condition of the packaging I was convinced of some sort of damage inside.\n\nHowever i shouldn't have worried as the packaging inside was sufficiently robust to handled whatever was thrown at it and my whiteboard had suffered no issues during its journey and is now proudly hanging on my kitchen wall.

Paper shredder plastic bag 25L 30pcs

Paper shredder plastic bag 25L 30pcs
Product-SKU: SHRED000031
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The ideal way of collecting and eliminating shredded waste materials from a paper shredder.

No longer a mess when emptying a paper shredder waste bin thanks to these plastic bags with 25 liters maximum capacity a piece. Made from durable and strong plastics and is compatible with almost any paper shredder with a waste bin of 25 liters or less.

Capacity:25 liter
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